Corporate Overview Get to know PCDataNet

PCDataNet provides top-notch complete computing solutions along with great customer support - a combination that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise PCDataNet has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

PCDataNet specializes in comprehensive network security and related technology consulting services. PCDataNet's Security Solutions engineers have current industry certifications and broad experience assessing, recommending, and implementing enterprise-level network security solutions.

PCDataNet engineers and developers are highly regarded for their talent, experience, work ethic, and uncompromising commitment to the customer. PCDataNet specializes in merging solutions from multiple core technology providers including Microsoft, Cisco, Sonicwall and VMWare providing the right solutions from Best in Class providers. This approach yields increased output and efficiency, while ensuring that critical information assets are protected.

PCDataNet is headquartered in Elgin Illinois, and has a wide presence of Network, Security and Telecommunications Solutions Engineers and Technical Professionals who are available to ensure satisfaction upon delivery.


IT Solutions

Designed & Implemented

PCDataNet is a company dedicated to installing, supplying & designing Information Technology Solutions for small to medium size businesses. Our dedicated engineers have accumulated over 50 years of computer and networking experience. Our lead engineers are certified and have the combined knowledge and experience to answer all of your business and information requirements, including Business Applications, Networking and Web Design. Our main goal is supplying quality products, efficient solutions and providing excellent customer service. We promise quick response and timely solutions to all your problems and needs.

The Substantial Benefits of IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing offers several exceptional benefits that make it the preferred choice of thousands of organizations across the country. As a PCDataNet client, you'll have access to experts in the area of IT consulting to oversee your systems. In addition, IT outsourcing also offers the benefits of:

  • Decreased Costs
  • Increased Performance
  • Fewer Expenses
  • No Salaried Employees
  • No Increased Benefits Costs