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EE Offices


This Executive Suites Management company needed a rapid and accurate implementation. The company provides offices and office services, including telephone services for numerous multi national companies, PCDATANET provided the implementation services as a Reseller for Northyard Management.

"Our tenants love the Dashboard, for the flexibility it gives them in communications, here and on the road. PCDATANET gave us all the information we needed to implement smoothly. We continue to benefit from Covad's* steady stream of new features and have not found any other service or product that comes close to providing the functionality. Covad is a clearly competitive advantage for us."

Wendy Biela, General Manager

Anacostia Rail

"With several locations to bring up on Covad VoIP, Anacostia really needed something like Covad VoIP.But many of our employees were comfortable with our existing voice system. I was concerned about employee downtime while learning a new phone system. Once employees sampled Covad's* easy-to-use features, the transition was automatic, and the increased efficiency immediate. The biggest surprise, especially considering the pilot status of the service, is that our voice quality with Covad* is higher and more reliable than with our previous system."

Digital Direction

"Several of the computers on our network were infected with a virus which severely impacted productivity. PCDATANET came highly recommended from a colleague so we decided to give them a call. Not only did they dispatch a team of engineers the next day, they removed the viruses from our network and increased our computing performance. All of which they completed without losing any of our critical data. Furthermore, they identified several areas where we could be improve our IT procedures, including the way we backup our data. I was so impressed, we now use PCDATANET for our IT department."


Bart Zimmerman, Digital Direction

The 9th Ward of the City of Aurora

"We have really expanded our ability to communicate with our citizens, and for our citizens to communicate with us by using the Virtual City Hall. The site was built rapidly and it is very easy for our departments to operate without technical support."

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