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Remote Monitoring


PCDATANETs remote monitoring service offers piece of mind by monitoring key components of your infrastructure and alerting the appropriate personal. This alert can be someone in your organization or a PCDATANET technical specialist that will work through the issue.



Our remote monitoring service can monitor a wide range of services such as those listed below.





TCP Services - Any service that will respond to a TCP connection, such as web, ftp, and mail servers.

UDP Services - Some popular UDP based services, such as radius servers, CITRIX servers, and many game servers.

DNS - Do you get the correct IP address back from your DNS server?

Windows Servers - Monitor the status of services, processes, disk space, and performance monitor metrics.

Web Services - Verify the status and content of your web servers (HTTP, HTTPS).

We support the use of proxy servers and password protected webpage's (HTTP basic or NTLM authentication)

Databases - Monitor Microsoft SQL server databases and Oracle databases.




SMTP mail - With or without authentication and with fall-back to a 2nd mailserver if needed.

Message to your cellphone - (SMS) using the TAP or UCP protocol.

Paging - SMPP or SNPP protocol

NotePager - Let NotePager deliver your paging message

Instant Messaging - Get an alert via ICQ or MSN

Popup message




(re)Start a service - Remote or locally

Reboot a host

Execute an application or batch command

Wake On LAN - Send a magic packet to a remote system in order to wake it up.

POST data to a webserver

SNMP trap - Send an SNMP trap to a remote management station




You decide when - Alerts can be sent when an monitored service goes down or comes back up, but also after a specific number of downs or when more then x% of the last checks were down.

Schedule - Use different alerts based on the time of the day

Person/team - Send your alerts to a person/team instead of to a fixed address. A person can have different "addresses" based on the time of the day, and is or isn't on-call.

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